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Innovation in Electrical Engineering

Increasing digitization in all areas of life and industries is closely linked to the diverse use of electrotechnical solutions for recording, processing and forwarding signals and information. In recent years, it has become clear from the diverse and numerous innovation projects that the change in the sense of a 4th industrial revolution toward intelligent networking of machines and processes in industry with the aid of information and communication technology (Industry 4.0) is already underway. The increasing networking culminating in an Internet of Things (IoT) requires permanent and universal measured value acquisition. This can only be achieved by increasingly compact and, above all, more precise measuring devices. In addition, cross-industry automation efforts are leading to growing demands on control and regulation systems as well as on entire plants in order to be able to economically map flexible batch sizes and pronounced product individuality at the same time. All in all, ideas and concrete innovations are needed today to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Examples of qualifying R&D projects in Electrical Engineering

  • Research and development for efficient energy storage and transport
  • Design of new control and regulation technology
  • Simulation & development of improved signal transmission and processing
  • Development of innovative solutions in measurement technology (e.g. for recording measured values under extreme conditions)
  • Development of new sensor systems and application for robotics

We understand the topics that drive your industry

  1. Maintaining competitiveness despite shorter innovation cycles in product development
  2. Realization of increasing integration and miniaturization in manufacturing and in the product
  3. Compliance with increasing requirements for recyclability and energy efficiency
  4. Substitution of environmentally harmful substances by innovative materials
  5. Implementation of Industry 4.0 through the development of new solutions

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    Many companies in the sector are not aware that they carry out eligible R&D activities on a day-to-day basis within the meaning of the research allowance, for which they can claim a lucrative tax credit. The tax credit is offset against a company’s income tax liability and allows reinvestment in further R&D, for example.

    Our Leyton experts assist companies in applying for the research credit. Our dedicated team consists of experienced engineers and scientists who provide our customers in the electrical engineering industry with maximum economic benefits as well as making a significant contribution to optimizing operating costs.

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