REV by Leyton

R&D is expensive.

REV by Leyton is built by serious tax experts. Claiming tax credits can be complicated and changing process, but with REV you can rest assured that we’ve got your back.

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    Primary features

    Your advantages

    • Dedicated User Portal
      Keep track of your claim progress all in one place. Progress is saved so you can complete your credit identification on your own time.Do you make purchases from out of state vendors?
    • App Integrations
      Connect your payroll, accounting, and project management software to pull employee and project data directly into REV.
    • Document Manager
      Security is a top concern and our document manager allows you to safely upload and download sensitive documents easily.
    • Message Center
      Our secret sauce is dedicated tax experts who are available to answer questions and provide guidance at any point in your process.
    tax controversy and dispute resolution

    Why choose REV ?

    REV by Leyton solves the burden of claiming tax credits for small businesses. Our process has been designed from the ground up by tax experts with our developers with speed and accessibility in mind. More importantly, where other similar services may rely on an algorithm to handle your claims, we know that taxes are complicated and demand the attention of a qualified taxprofessional. Our tax and technical experts go through a two-pass review of your claim, ensuring nothing is missed and that your claim is bulletproof, which we’ll back up with our rock-solid audit defense.

    Early Sign up

    Early Access

    Every new innovation need testing. REV by Leyton is excited to offer an early access offer for businesses that are interested in providing crucial feedback prior to our public launch. To qualify, simply fill out the contact form below. We’ll qualify you for the Payroll R&D Tax Creditbefore you start your claim process. If you qualify but are not selected for the early access window, we are still happy to deliver your claim with our industry-leading tax experts.

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