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ERC Case Study: Fargo & Associates benefits from ERC

    • Mar 22, 2023
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Finding Funds After COVID-19 Revenue Loss

Discover how Farago & Associates, a publishing company that has been providing clients in ad-building and page-building, at home magazines, custom publications, and digital advertising since 1994, claimed the ERC to help combat COVID financial challenges.

Challenge They Faced

Similar to many other businesses across the country, Farago was hurt by the impact of COVID-19. They faced a loss in revenue, which qualified them for the Employee Retention Credit. Due to the shutdowns across multiple states that impacted their business, resulted in a loss of revenue for Farago & Associates. Farago is an essential part of the production in their industry, whose print and advertising operations for several magazines and newspapers were unable to be completed.

Impact of the Employee Retention Credit

Farago & Associates qualified for quarters in 2020 for the Employee Retention Credit. Claiming a nuanced credit can be “complicated”, which came as a surprise to Peter. Working with Leyton offered them the ability to take advantage of the credit while maintaining their own day to day operations. They plan to utilize the money received from this credit to catch up with general operating expenses. Throughout the process and delivery by Leyton, Peter Farago found working with Leyton as “excellent!”

It was more complicated than I thought, which is why we needed Leyton’s help in filing the claim. The team understood our situation and were always easily accessible and helpful.

Peter Farago President, Founder at Farago & Associates

Do you own a publishing or similar company affected by COVID-19? See if you qualify.

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