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From the latest drugs and wellness products, through to cutting edge medical equipment and treatments delivered in hospitals, the Health and Pharmaceutical Sector is rife with innovation. However despite the considerable costs involved with developing new medical equipment or products, many of the businesses involved in the supply and development chain of medical and pharmaceutical products are not taking advantage of the tax relief that the government has made available to them

Examples of R&D within the Health & Pharmaceutical industry

  • Development of new algorithms for the analysis of medical data for the efficient use of health data (Big-Data & E-Health).
  • Development of new algorithms for the analysis of medical data for the efficient use of health data (Big-Data & E-Health).
  • New application scenarios of VR/AR technology in medical care
  • Research into new materials and surface structures for medical use
  • Development of improved monitoring, prognosis and diagnosis methods
  • Development of methods, tools and strategies for disease prevention/healthcare/caregiving
  • Development of methods to support active aging and independent living

We understand the topics that drive your industry

  1. Development of digital business models for the long-term success of medical technology companies such as the use of automation, robotics, AI and data processing.
  2. Developing the “medicine of the future” that is predictive, preventive, personalized (Individualized Medicine), and participatory
  3. Research into new materials and manufacturing processes
  4. (Further) development of products to meet customer needs and/or new regulatory requirements, e.g. MDR, also in the future
  5. Development of products/approaches from the fields of robotics, sensor systems, AI and IoT that address the entire healthcare supply chain in increasingly efficient and effective products and services

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    It was Leyton’s approach that made us aware of the research grant instrument in the first place and put us in touch with an excellent team of funding specialists. The collaboration works very well. We are guided through the application process by the expertise of the Leyton colleagues and have been able to benefit from the targeted application preparation and support of the Leyton staff with three approvals by the BSFZ to date. We are confident that the subsequent tax assessment notices will also be positive and that we will receive positive decisions on several more projects together in the future.

    Marcus Jochim – CFO HMM Deutschland GmbH

    How we help.

    Many companies in the sector are not aware that they carry out eligible R&D activities on a day-to-day basis within the meaning of the research allowance, for which they can claim a lucrative tax credit. The tax credit is offset against a company’s income tax liability and allows reinvestment in further R&D, for example.

    Our Leyton experts assist companies in applying for the research credit. Our dedicated team consists of experienced engineers and scientists who provide our customers with maximum economic benefits as well as making a significant contribution to optimizing operating costs.

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