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Whether you receive a notice letter, or you are undergoing an audit, appealing an audit, or facing any other type of tax controversy issue, Leyton provides comprehensive tax controversy and dispute resolution services to assist you at any time in the process.

We will evaluate your individual circumstances and discuss available options with you. We will work with you to develop a strategic plan tailored to your situation and aimed at resolving your specific tax controversy.

As experienced tax consultants, we possess the technical knowledge and expertise needed to effectively advocate your position. We provide assistance in many areas of tax law, including income tax, employment tax, sales or use tax, and corporate excise tax. Please contact us today to learn more. 

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With more than 20 years of experience, Jennifer Bolton is a Senior Tax Manager at Leyton USA. She has represented numerous clients before the Administrative Appeals Division of the IRS and state taxing authorities. Her representation of clients in federal and state tax controversies includes substantive and procedural issues, such as R&D tax credits, statute of limitations for assessments and refunds, sales & use taxes, penalty abatements, worker classification, employment taxes, & more.

Jennifer Bolton, J.D., LL.M.

How Leyton helps

  1. Representation before federal, state, and local taxing authorities
  2. Provide consulting assistance at the examination level
  3. Prepare protests for representing you at administrative appeals
  4. Represent you before the Tax Court
  5. Enter into settlement negotiations with taxing authorities
  6. Correspond with the Internal Revenue Service or other tax authorities
  7. Prepare penalty abatement requests
  8. Seek private letter rulings and determination letters
  9. Comment on proposed public rulings, directives and regulations
  10. Seek Alternative Dispute Resolutions

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    The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit is a government-sponsored tax incentive offered to companies who create or improve a product or process in the course of their business.

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    $500m in tax relief was claimed in the past year!

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