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R&D Tax Credit

Tax Incentives for your innovation

Are you missing out on this additional source of cash-flow?

The Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit is an underutilized federal and state tax incentive that offsets income tax liability and/or payroll tax liability.

If eligible, your company could benefit from immediate tax savings and refunds that can help improve cash-flow, irrespective of your company size or industry.

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What activities qualify for the R&D Tax Credit?

  • Developing or designing new and innovative products or processes
  • Improving existing products, processes, or prototypes
  • Reviewing the potential of several alternatives or methods during the development or improvement process

Examples of qualifying expenses

  • Wages
  • Contracted costs
  • Leasing of computer space
  • Materials & supplies

A simple claiming process

    1. Initial Assessment

    Meet our tax & technical experts to engage in high level project discussions. Receive your R&D credit estimate and optimal claim timeline.

Our highly experienced tax and technical teams will

  • Identify all suitable R&D activities and qualifying expenditure
  • Help facilitate cash flow & the recovery of certain costs
  • Produce a technical report for IRS to fully substantiate each claim
  • Ensure the value of the claim is optimized and in full compliance with relevant tax legislation

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