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    Software and Technology
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    Scale your business and adapt to the competitive and ever-changing technology trends. Explore your potential.

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    Enhance product innovation, accelerate production and focus on sustainability transformation. Explore incentives available to you.

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    Improve hiring, budgeting, and cash flow within your practice. Let Leyton assist you in claiming the ERC and the R&D Tax Credit.

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    Overcome challenges with rising material costs, budget constraints and demands. Explore your funding.

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    Define our Success

    Our R&D team is there to ensure your projects are seen from all perspectives and to recognize more benefits than other consultants.

    Their expertise comes from our 25 years of existence, with PhD’s holders, and engineers, alongside Tax Experts, Scientists, & Doctors, working in more than 65 industries.

    Jennifer Bolton, LL.M Taxation, J.D, B.A.

    Head of Tax

    Matthew Demerle, JD Law

    Tax Attorney

    Brigid Lenihan, M.Sc. Tax

    Senior Tax Manager

    R&D Tax Scenario Software

    This company has developed software for individual organizations focused on serving community needs. They have responded to a growing need for faster, safer, and more secure ways of data sharing & collaboration.

    • Wages $3,637,792
    • Contract Research Expenses $33,602
    • Supplies $0
    • Cloud Service Providers $99,579
    • Total R&D Spent $3,770,973

    R&D Tax Scenario Engineering

    This company aims to accelerate the success of solar in leading utility-scale energy production by maximizing solar plant value with defensible and actionable reference solar data.

    • Wages $3,136,947
    • Contract Research Expenses $0
    • Supplies $576,520
    • Cloud Service Providers $0
    • Total R&D Spent $3,713,467

    $500M in tax relief was claimed in the past year!

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    Employee Retention Credit

    Find out if you can claim up to $26,000 in tax relief per employee!

    Energy Efficiency Incentives

    Funding solutions that drive sustainable growth.

    State & Local Tax (SALT)

    Helping multi-state businesses navigate the complexities of sustainable business expansion!

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