Your Innovation Incentive: The R&D Tax Credit


More than 30 million small businesses in America perform research and development activities every day, which qualifies them to claim the R&D Tax Credit: a government-sponsored tax incentive offered to companies who create or improve a product or process in the course of their business.

The issue? Each year, countless organizations across a wide range of industries miss out on claiming the credit because they do not realize that their operations qualify as research and development.

We have put together this whitepaper to educate and inspire businesses to recognize that the processes they are already doing can qualify for the R&D Tax Credit.

This whitepaper intends to:

  • Explain the Federal & State R&D Tax Credit; its purpose, applicability, and value to your business.
  • Share success stories of companies who have claimed up to $1.3M in R&D Tax Credits.
  • Debunk common misconceptions that that research and development only takes place in laboratories with scientists in lab coats.
  • Provide step by step guidance on the process of claiming the credit.
  • Answer important questions that cause businesses to miss out on this lucrative tax incentive.

Download the whitepaper to learn how your company can robustly claim the R&D Tax Credit to reduce your tax liability!

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