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Case Study

R&D Case Study: GroundWork Renewables’ substantial Credits

    • Mar 23, 2023
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Reference Solar Data Expert Qualifies for Government Incentive

Discover how GroundWork Renewables, a renewable energy company with a mission to accelerate the success of solar in leading utility-scale energy production, was able to benefit from the R&D Tax Credit from 2018-2022.

How They Were Innovating

Throughout the design and development process, GroundWork Renewables applied principles of Electrical Engineering, Material Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science to overcome the project’s technical uncertainties. Specifically, they applied these principles to design an I-V curve tracer, cloud-based software platforms, and data management systems. GroundWork Renewables also designed a custom trailer and engineering products for irradiance measurement systems and more for clients in the solar industry.

Impact of the R&D Tax Credit

By leveraging the expertise of Leyton’s technical and tax experts, Groundwork Renewables was able to claim a substantial amount through the Research & Development Tax Credit. This allowed the company to focus on developing client relationships while also receiving another source of cash flow. The influx in cash has made it possible for them to purchase new raw materials and hire employees to support future growth.

GroundWork Renewables Qualified R&D Projects

  • Designed, developed, and manufactured a product capable of monitoring the complete performance of a solar panel array
  • Developed an application to generate consistent and error-free datalogger programs for the Company’s fleet of solar resource assessment and operational Meteorological systems
  • Worked to increase the accuracy of solar power performance modeling while investigating methods to minimize installation and maintenance costs


The GroundWork and Leyton team members had a strong relationship through the entire delivery process. GroundWork is extremely satisfied with the deliverable from the expert team at Leyton! GroundWork’s experience with Leyton’s services was fantastic. We were extremely pleased with the Leyton team overall. the Leyton team understood our technical and tax needs.

Darren Prock, COO Groundwork Renewables

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