IRS changes on ERC: Why don’t all Businesses Qualify for the credit? Learn more !

R&D Tax Credit, How it’s Changing

    • Dec 15, 2022
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Research & Development Tax Credit – Background and Changes

Leyton is the source for tax education! Watch our webinar to dive into the R&D qualifications and changes, to ensure you’re up to date.


  • Overview of the R&D Tax Credit
  • How do you qualify?
  • What is being implemented for 2022 and how will this impact your business?
  • Overview of changes due to the TCJA & Section 174 Amortization Rules
  • How Leyton can help!

About Leyton:

Leyton is an international consulting firm that helps businesses leverage financial incentives to accelerate their growth and achieve sustainable performance. ​We simplify access to these complex incentives. Our combined teams of highly skilled Tax and Technical specialists maximize the financial benefits for businesses.​ With compliance always front of mind, we have been delivering optimal services for our client for over 25 years. This provides peace of mind that you will always receive the maximum benefit, without taking risks. ​


Devin Medrek-Senior Consultant, Team Lead
Devin Medrek

Senior Consultant, Team Lead

Devin Medrek-Senior Consultant, Team Lead
Maggie Crowley-Head of Strategic Development
Maggie Crowley

Head of Strategic Development

Maggie Crowley-Head of Strategic Development

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