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Nonprofit School Claims ERC- Case Study

    • 28-12-2022
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Like many other schools, the Atlas Foundation for Autism was forced to close their doors and adapt to the restrictions of COVID-19. Being one of the few schools in NYC that help individuals on the Spectrum, it has always been important for them to find a creative and safe solutions to best serve their students. Did you have a full or partial shutdown, or experience a decline in revenue due to COVID-19? If you answered yes, chances are you qualify for the Employee Retention Credit (“ERC”).


The Employee Retention Credit, under the CARES Act, is a relief measure for businesses which encourages them to keep employees on their payroll. It is a refundable credit that offsets employment taxes and has been a beneficial tax credits available to nonprofit organizations that have been financially impacted by COVID-19


$26,000 Per Employee
Under the Employee Retention Credit, you can receive up to $26k per employee. Atlas Foundation for Autism had several teachers and staff on hand who in the midst of their spring semester, had to shut their doors and adapt to online teaching. They plan to utilize the credit on staffing, general operations, and program funding.

Expansion & Financial Recovery
Atlas Foundation for Autism is one of many schools that shutdown during the pandemic. Xanthi Mantas, Accountant and Board Member, states that “We are one of few schools in NYC that help individuals on the Spectrum. As many businesses, we too were affected financially by various closures and decline in revenue during the pandemic which is why we are seeking the credit.”

How We Made It Happen
Our tax experts were able to identify and maximize their claim for the Employee Retention Credit. Xanthi highlights their experience with Leyton as, they stated, “the team fully understood our needs and current financial situation.”

Claiming the Employee Retention Credit with Leyton

  • Tax Specialists
    We have over 70 specialists on staff to calculate and keep up with the legislation changes surrounding ERC.
  • Tax Attorneys
    In the case of an audit, we have tax attorneys on staff that will support you.
  • Tax Credits
    We ensure you are receiving your maximum refund and are not double dipping. Already claimed PPP loans? You’re still eligible.

“We are one of few schools in NYC that help individuals on the Spectrum. The team fully understood our needs and current financial situation.”

Xanthi Mantas Accountant, Board Member, Atlas Foundation for Autism

Claim the Employee Retention Credit

Was your business affected by government shutdowns? Did you lose money due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic? It’s not too late to claim the Employee Retention Tax Credit.

  1. Receive your credit earlier
  2. Quality Assurance
  3. Transparency
  4. Maximize your claim
  5. Audit Support

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