Intelligent Industry: Connection of the digital world and engineering

  • By Elżbieta Kostka
    • 08 Nov, 2022
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It can be said that a new era of Intelligent Industry has begun, in which the physical and virtual worlds converge through technology. We are talking about a new era of digital transformation, the evolution of Industry 4.0: another step from the current state that will lead us straight to Industry 5.0.

Leading representatives from the technology sector emphasize that the growing synergy between products, software and services represents another great development opportunity for the organization.

The rapid development of specific technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and 5G is critical to bring the next transformation in all aspects of customer interaction. This is not only the belief of a small group of entrepreneurs.

It is a testimony of business leaders, technology experts and scientists. The development of three key areas such as software, connectivity and semiconductors is completely changing traditional industries.

Experience shows us how the development of business processes evolves with the strong and rapid development of technology.

The challenges of intelligent industry

Intelligent industry allows the use of processes that were unimaginable in the recent past. These include, for example, autonomous driving (self-driving vehicles) or other types of automated robots or remote operation management.

There is no doubt that organizations wishing to use this potential must additionally strive for innovation. They will allow for the preservation and acceleration of the continuity of the company’s evolution process. These are inextricably associated with creating and testing solutions that will result in growth and progress.

This is an opportunity for companies implementing research and development activities and those opening up to them. As a consequence, the chance of co-financing the company for the opportunities offered by the tax relief for research and development also increases.

How to meet the requirements of intelligent industry?

In enterprises using intelligent industry, many activities can be qualified as research and development activities. Innovative projects are a fundamental part of their business.

Being open to these additional opportunities can be not only a challenge, but also an opportunity for development. It can bring both material and intellectual benefits to the company. Currently, more and more companies, regardless of the scale of operation, realize that only progress can fill any differences between them and the largest representatives of their industry.

R&D tax relief is an effective tool that allows many entrepreneurs to keep up with the imposed changes and stay ahead of the competition.
Often, companies implementing the vision of striving for maximum innovation do not realize that their progressive action can be a financial driving force for further development.

Without professional, technical expertise, many enterprises lose a lot of the potential savings that the R&D relief can bring.

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