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Innovation in ICT

Cloud, Big Data, Artificial intelligence or “as a service” are more than just buzzwords. They are the driving factors of the fourth industrial revolution. These concepts will only become more important as we are entering the fifth revolution. Automation and digitalisation is expected both by consumers and for B2B services and often considered as the new norm. To meet these ever increasing demands from the market, the ICT-sector has to innovate continuously. Again and again the boundaries are expanded and techniques are pushed to their limits. This continuous cycle of newer better technologies makes defining the boundaries of R&D within the ICT-sector exceptionally challenging. Our experts can help you tackle this challenge and identify the right set of incentives linked to innovation.

Examples of qualifying activity include:

  • Creation of new or more efficient algorithms using new technologies
  • Development of new methods for measuring consumer expectations and preferences
  • Efforts to resolve conflicts within hardware or software
  • Novel applications of technologies such as AI or Machine learning
  • Development of IoT-systems
  • Application of new ICT-technologies to enable an innovative business model
  • Establish new methods or tools to accelerate software development

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At Leyton we use our innovation funding expertise to deliver tax relief claims as an end-to-end service. We provide full project management from initial engagement through to benefit. Our tax experts have a wealth of experience working with businesses to help them claim through the R&D tax relief scheme and will put together the technical report enabling you to submit your claim.

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