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What are R&D Incentives?

The R&D tax relief incentive is an extremely interesting scheme that encourages companies being able to continue financing their R&D projects.

To be able to claim for the relief, you need to fulfill the criteria regarding your projects and regarding your employees.

Most companies are under the impression that the application for this relief is largely tax-focused, but the reality of it is that the discussion is more of a technical topic. When Skatteverket audit your claim, they mainly challenge the R&D aspects of your project instead of the calculation for the relief amount.

In 2022, 300 audits were conducted by Skatteverket, but only 35% of them were approved without any changes.

What can be considered as R&D?

As mentioned by many Swedish professional federations, the tax administration has a strict interpretation of what can be considered as R&D. This means that even though it may be generally understood by many as R&D work, it  does not mean it automatically qualifies according to the legal definition.

To understand whether or not your project is R&D, you need to know the criteria as defined by the law and the Frascati manual, as well as the court cases that help provide guidelines to define what constitutes as R&D within the framework of the Law.

There can be a high financial risk for your company which can lead to the full refund of the applied relief, with additional penalty fees in some cases (up to 40%). Therefore, we advise you to use our services, the European R&D tax relief leader, to secure your claim today, if you don´t want to outsource its management. 

Common compliance mistakes

  • lightbulb

    Innovative projects instead of R&D ones

  • checklist_rtl

    Difficulties to match Skatteverket´s interpretation

  • description

    Lack of technical report or documentation to justify the R&D criteria

  • timer

    Lack of time tracking

  • person_off

    Claim for unqualified employees

  • build

    Claim for routine development activities

Use the services of an expert of the Swedish R&D tax relief

Leyton is the European leader regarding R&D incentives. Since 2021, our R&D technical experts in Sweden have assessed over 1000 innovative projects, to understand the potential of their eligibility according to the Swedish R&D tax relief scheme. Use the services from Leyton Sverige AB, to make sure your claim complies with the Swedish R&D tax incentive law, and mitigate your financial risks. Our services include:

  1. Workshop to assess your R&D projects
  2. Assessment of your technical justification
  3. Assessment of your financial justification
  4. Recommendations

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Our processes are optimized and efficient to make sure they are cost effective for you and your team.

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    At Leyton we use our innovation funding expertise to deliver tax relief claims as an end-to-end service. We provide full project management from initial engagement through to benefit. Our tax experts have a wealth of experience working with businesses to help them claim through the R&D tax &SSC relief scheme and will put together the technical report enabling you to submit your claim.




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