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Maximize your innovation potential in software and technologies by ensuring you claim all R&D incentives you’re entitled to.

Research & Development in Software & Technology

The pace of innovation within the software and technology sector is continually accelerating, compelling companies to launch new or enhanced products to maintain consumer interest in a fast-evolving, highly competitive market. In 2019, the sector saw significant investments in R&D, showcasing its vast potential for innovation. The advent of advanced technologies like robotics, virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and blockchain is driving companies to increase their R&D efforts. This high level of R&D activity makes companies in this sector prime candidates for benefiting from generous tax relief schemes.

Examples of R&D activities in Software Development

  • Developing a new or changing a product or process that is more efficient, robust
  • Developing new platforms Data analytics Development of innovative algorithms
  • Internal software development or improvements
  • Building custom APIs Cloud computer integrations and development
  • Development of augmented or virtual reality applications
  • Optimization and performance improvements
  • Implementations that leverage data science, artificial intelligence (machine learning) and computer vision techniques

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At Leyton, we leverage our expertise in innovation funding to offer a comprehensive tax relief claim service. From the initial consultation to the realization of benefits, our experienced tax professionals work closely with you as a business, guiding you through the R&D tax relief scheme and compiling the necessary technical reports for claim submission. This approach ensures a seamless process for you as a client.

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