EU Grants

What type of grants can my business benefit from?

All you need to know about EU Grants

Financing your innovation investments

The European Union has a broad range of programmes through which it supports projects. The opportunities are numerous. Innovative SMEs aiming to commercialise their innovation, public bodies investing in regional development, multinational corporations investing in a green future for our planet, they all have in common that EU grants offer them opportunities for funding.

Leyton helps you to identify and realise the opportunities presented by EU grants. We have an extensive track record and a high level of knowledge of EU subsidy programmes. In the competitive world of EU grants, we maximise the impact and result of your project. 

Qualifying areas

  • Research, development and innovation
  • Climate action, energy and environment
  • Regional and urban development
  • Transport and mobility
  • Employment and social inclusion
  • Agriculture and rural development
  • Maritime and fishery
  • Humanitarian aid

What are the advantages?

By participating in projects at European level, you gain access to international markets, enter networks and gain knowledge that goes beyond the state of the art.

Your challenges

Increase the success chance of your projects

We help you define the right opportunities for your activities by providing a funding strategy and roadmap. This way, we help you select the opportunities that best meet your requirements and to give a clear view of how to obtain the funding.

    Our approach

    A personalised support, adapted to your needs

    Our highly skilled consultants ensure that your proposal is of the very best quality, maximising your chances of success. Once the grant has been obtained, we help you manage the project efficiently and compliant to the conditions of the grant agreement.

      Your benefits

      Intense support for the development of your innovative projects

      Maximum impact, maximum chances of success, maximum efficiency.

        Our EU affairs team

        Yorick DEBEUS

        Head of EU affairs

        Sanne SULEJMANI

        EU affairs Consultant

        Federico PERRONE

        EU affairs Consultant

        About Leyton

        At Leyton we use our innovation funding expertise to deliver tax relief claims as an end-to-end service. We provide full project management from initial engagement through to benefit. Our tax experts have a wealth of experience working with businesses to help them claim through the R&D tax &SSC relief scheme and will put together the technical report enabling you to submit your claim.

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