R&D Incentives in Finland:
Improve your company performance through R&D Incentives

What are R&D Incentives?

In January 2023 the Finnish government reinforced the R&D tax incentives by creating 2 new schemes for Finnish companies.  

The aim of this reinforcement is to promote R&D activities by granting a research and development tax deduction to companies irrespective of their R&D projects. There is a clear intention from the government to encourage companies to take benefit of this scheme.

Finland has now 3 different schemes for R&D

Companies working on R&D projects can be entitled to up to 1 500 000 euros deduction each year.

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    Created in 2021

    50% deduction on R&D subcontracting costs – increased to 150% for the cost incurred between 2022 and 2027. This incentives is capped to 500 000 euros per year

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    Created in 2023

    50% deduction of the total amount of research and development wages and purchased research and development services. The deduction is in between 5 000 – 500 000 euros.

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    Created in 2023

    45% of the increment than previous year in research and development wages and the total amount of purchased research and development services. The deduction is capped to 500 000 euros.

Do You Qualify?

Companies can benefit from a deduction on a maximum of 1,5 Million of euros per year. The definition of R&D is in line with the OECD Frascati Manual, It includes fundamental research, applied research, development work, and feasability studies.

R&D incentive scenario in the automotive industry

This company is working on a new solution that will allow to decrease the time of reaction of the airbag in case of crash.

  • Wages 522 350 Euros
  • R&D expenses 235 000 Euros
  • R&D subcontractor 153 450 Euros
  • Total R&D expenses 910 800 Euros

Total additional deduction per year

455 400 Euros Schedule a free consultation arrow_outward arrow_outward

Our Added Value

As the European leader regarding the R&D incentives Leyton identifies eligible R&D projects and prepares exhaustive supporting documentation throughout the end-to-end process:

  1. Scoping
  2. Document preparation
  3. Submission
  4. Controls.

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