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Get help from Swedish R&D tax relief experts to significantly increase your chances of a successful claim during an audit.

In 2022, Skatteverket conducted 300 audits on R&D tax relief claims, with only 35% approved as initially submitted.

The common misconception among companies is viewing the application process as tax-centered, while in reality, it leans more towards technical scrutiny. Skatteverket’s audits primarily focus on the R&D validity of projects, guided by strict interpretations from Swedish law, the Frascati manual, and relevant court cases. Insufficient preparation for audits can result in significant financial risks, including the possibility of repaying the relief with additional penalties.

So how can you avoid this?

To avoid financial risks during R&D tax audits, partnering with experts like Leyton ensures compliance with Swedish R&D tax laws. Leyton, a leader in R&D incentives in Europe, has evaluated over 1000 innovative projects in Sweden since 2021, preparing numerous technical justifications for client claims. Our experienced team specializes in navigating R&D tax audits, offering services that are both cost-effective and optimized for efficiency.

What we can offer :

We initiate our collaboration by organizing a workshop to assess the defensibility of your claim, ensuring a solid foundation for the process ahead.

If your claim is defensible: keyboard_arrow_down keyboard_arrow_up

o   we leverage our expertise to enhance your chances of success
o   assist in crafting your technical responses
o   facilitate your communication with Skatteverket to justify your eligibility for the tax deduction/relief

If your claim is not defensible: keyboard_arrow_down keyboard_arrow_up

We will advise you on why we consider your claim/work as ineligible according to the Swedish R&D tax relief scheme

Common mistakes you should avoid:

  • lightbulb

    Confusing innovative projects with R&D activities

  • checklist_rtl

    Misunderstanding Skatteverket’s criteria

  • description

    Lacking technical reports or documentation for R&D justification

  • timer

    Not tracking time properly

  • person_off

    Claiming for unqualified employees

  • build

    Filing for routine development activities

Use the services of an expert of the Swedish R&D tax relief

Our services include:

  1. Workshop to assess your R&D projects
  2. Assessment of your technical justification
  3. Assessment of your financial justification
  4. Recommendations

Reach out to us now to ensure your R&D claims are secure and compliant.

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    At Leyton we leverage innovation funding expertise to offer comprehensive tax relief claim services, managing projects from start to finish. With experienced tax professionals, we assist businesses in navigating the R&D tax and SSC relief scheme, preparing the necessary technical reports for claim submission.




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