R&D Incentives in Norway:
Improve your company performance through R&D Incentives

What are R&D Incentives?

Since 2002, the Norwegian government have introduced an R&D tax deduction for Norwegian companies that conduct R&D projects, “SkatteFUNN” . This incentive allows companies to deduct  19%  of the project costs as a tax deduction for R&D activities in an approved project. The Research Council of Norway assess the R&D project to allow or not the deduction.

The aim of this tax deduction is to promote R&D growth in Norway and encourage investment in R&D and boost the economic growth. The company can get a research and development tax deduction, irrespective of their type of R&D projects. This is a clear intention from the government to encourage companies to take benefit of this scheme.

The tax incentive is 19% of the eligible project costs capped to 25 million of NOK per year per company. This capped amount allow you to get up to 4,75 million of NOK per year as savings.

Do You Qualify?

Qualified R&D expenditures related to R&D tax deduction and tax credit are based on the concrete R&D activities, aiming at achieving the acquiring new scientific or technical knowledge and understanding. The definition of R&D is in line with the OECD Frascati Manual, It includes fundamental research, applied research, development work, and feasability studies.

R&D incentive scenario in an industrial company

This company is working on a new process that will allow their industrial production to be more efficient while they will low their energy consumption of 37%. 

  • Wages 7 250 150 NOK
  • R&D expenses 3 520 000 NOK
  • Total R&D expenses 10 770 150 NOK

Our Added Value

As the European leader regarding the R&D incentives Leyton identifies eligible R&D projects and prepares exhaustive supporting documentation throughout the end-to-end process:

  1. Scoping
  2. Document preparation
  3. Submission
  4. Controls.

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