Do you work with innovative projects within the transport sector?

Is your business missing out on valuable R&D Incentives?

The transport sector is at an exciting stage of radical development. The opportunities offered by evolving technologies and innovation, such as new high speed rail networks and autonomous vehicles, are likely to benefit both the economy and society. Innovative businesses in the transport sector are ideally placed to capitalize on government tax incentives which reward them for research and development projects.

Examples of R&D projects in Transportation:

  • Unique methods to enhance transportation processes
  • Developing unique or significantly adapting existing systems
  • Technically challenging integration of systems
  • Development of new payment methods, tracking or seat-booking apps
  • Implementation of emissions monitoring systems
  • Carriage heating and air conditioning units for over and underground trains
  • Innovation to reduce the number of points failures in train travel Innovation in rail switches and crossings
  • Work undertaken to improve maintenance equipment to reduce delays
  • Work on novel maintenance apparatus

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At Leyton, we leverage our expertise in innovation funding to offer a comprehensive tax relief claim service. From the initial consultation to the realization of benefits, our experienced tax professionals work closely with you as a business, guiding you through the R&D tax relief scheme and compiling the necessary technical reports for claim submission. This approach ensures a seamless process for you as a client.

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