Healthier food for our animals: Meet our client Wilder Harrier

  • By Nicole Mirabal
    • Nov 01, 2022
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In an exclusive interview with R&D Director, Paul Shenouda, we discussed how Wilder Harrier has revolutionized animal nutrition by using innovative proteins.

How did your adventure start?

After reading an UN report that talked about insects being the future of the food system, we decided to start Wilder Harrier. The central assumption being that the pet market will be more conducive to this kind of innovative protein (cognitive bias, health benefits, etc.).

How is Wilder Harrier different?

We use very innovative ingredients such as cricket, black soldier fly, seaweed, recovered juice pulp, and invasive carp! These ingredients are good for the planet, but also beneficial for our pets (nutrients, hypoallergenic aspect).

Can you present your products and what are their uses?

  • A line of vegan seaweed and pulp cookies from Loop Mission, perfect for dog treats
  • A line of cricket-based rewards, ideal for training
  • Dental sticks made from seaweed and zeolites, to keep teeth clean
  • And finally, 2 innovative protein-based dog food recipes (invasive carp, black soldier fly), designed for all dogs but especially good for dogs with food allergies.
Wilder Harrier Team – Loop products used in biscuits

What are your future projects?

We always have many new product ideas! Cat food with our innovative proteins as well as the addition of eco-friendly dog and cat accessories (ocean plastic for example) are notable examples.

What are you most proud of?

To contribute to a healthier and more sustainable food system and to be recognized as a pioneer brand in the industry.

What was your interest in working with a consulting firm like Leyton?

We are constantly innovating and therefore have several SR&ED projects every year. Naturally, as a growing company we want to maximize our return on R&D investment and the Leyton team guides us in structuring our projects and SR&ED claims, which is crucial for Wilder Harrier.

What project(s) were you able to fund/do with SR&ED tax credits?

Many of them! Our entire current product line has been funded by SR&ED tax credits. One notable example is our farmed insect feed, which remains one of our most ambitious technical projects to date.

Wilder Harrier Stand

Do you have an innovative project to fund?

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