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Innovation is a central element in this industry, pushing businesses to invest in research and development, artificial intelligence, automation systems, nanotechnology, and energy efficiency. Being a competitive sector, manufacturing companies have to stand out and be even more innovative.

Maximize Your Manufacturing Potential

The manufacturing industry in Canada is a major contributor to the economy, accounting for approximately 10% of Canada’s GDP and employing over 1.7 million people. Canada’s advanced manufacturing capabilities, highly skilled workforce, and strategic location make it an attractive destination for international investment in the industry.

Looking to invest in skilled labor, green technologies, automated equipment, and efficiency? Access different financial benefits with Leyton. From Government Grants, SR&ED tax credits, and Property Tax & Valuation to Sales Tax Recovery find the best solution tailored to your business needs.

How SR&ED can be useful in the manufacturing industry

In the manufacturing industry, the SR&ED program can provide tax credits or refunds for eligible R&D activities that lead to technological advancements, product improvements, and improvement in process efficiency.

By participating in the SR&ED program, manufacturing companies can offset the costs of innovation and reduce their financial risk, making it easier to invest in R&D activities that can lead to new products and processes.

Additionally, participating in the program can help manufacturing companies stay competitive, be sustainable, attract top talent, and take advantage of the latest technological advancements.

Let us help you take your innovations to the next level!

Examples of SR&ED Eligibility in Manufacturing

  • Design and development of new machine prototypes with new functionality;
  • Integrating technically complex manufacturing processes;
  • Development of processes with greater precision or using new materials;
  • Reducing process cycle times;
  • Waste reduction through innovation;
  • Methods to reduce environmental impact through the use of alternative processes or materials;
  • Process control technology;
  • Scaling up of processes.

They trust us


Leyton supports our innovation and answers to our growing needs.

Jonathan Lefebvre COO – Mechasys


Leyton’s teams pay attention to our concerns and allow us to improve our procedures for collecting and monitoring SR&ED projects.

Frédéric Deraiche Financial Director – Spypoint


We are extremely satisfied with our collaboration with Leyton. Their teams are always available and have been able to quickly adapt to our sector.

Marc Labelle CEO – Unik Industrial


We were accompanied from A to Z by the Leyton teams. They first presented us with the available funding and then directed us to those for which we were eligible. They carried out a complete analysis of all of our projects so that they met the government’s eligibility criteria. We are very satisfied with our collaboration.

Sébastien Baril President – Solucan


The communication, the regular follow-up as well as the technical and financial reports were perfect, we are very satisfied to work with the Leyton teams.

Daniel Lessard Co-Founder – MindiCanna

Great People Define Your Success

Leyton’s team of highly experienced engineers and tax experts, create strong partnerships with each client to ensure maximum financial returns.

Léo Kéo

Innovation Funding Manager

Nicholas Garcia

Senior Innovation Funding Manager

Nabil Boutana

Senior Innovation Funding Consultant

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