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Canadian businesses are unlocking substantial SR&ED refunds each tax year, thanks to the generous tax incentives provided by the federal government. By considering expenditures in research and experimental development, businesses can target an average reclaim of up to 35%. Our SR&ED Calculator is a prime example of how one can streamline the credits calculation process to quickly estimate potential savings.

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        How Our SR&ED Tax Calculator Works ?

        Our SR&ED tax credits calculator offers a straightforward calculation, showing you an estimate of how much you might be eligible to claim under the SR&ED refund program. Our SR&ED Calculator is an excellent starting point our tried-and-tested methodology considers all key parameters: salaries, eligible R&D investments, and current credit rates. However, to fully tap into the benefits of research and experimental development credits, reaching out to our experienced team will ensure you’re on the right track.

        Why Leyton? Our Experts Can Help You With Your SR&ED Claim

        Drawing from our rich 25-year history, our team comprises PhD holders, engineers, tax specialists, scientists, and doctors, spanning over 65 industries.

        Ensuring your SR&ED claim aligns with federal tax regulations is crucial. Our experts don’t just help you get the most out of your eligible R&D expenditures, they ensure your claims are compliant, saving you time and potential future costs. If you’ve already embarked on the SR&ED journey, we can even pinpoint areas where you might be able to claim additional savings. Trust our SR&ED consultants turn your R&D efforts into tangible financial benefits.

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