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In this video our Sales Tax Director, J.D. Vermette, highlights 3 reasons why it is important to engage in sales tax recovery, and how you can get started!

What is Sales Tax Recovery?

Sales taxes, also known as consumption taxes, are government fees linked to a transaction. Sales taxes available include:

● Goods and Services Tax (GST)

● Provincial and Federal Harmonized Tax (HST)

● Provincial Sales Tax (PST)

Both Canadian and American companies that sell within Canada can participate in sales tax recovery. However, due to the complexity and multi-level integration of the Canadian sales tax system, the claims process can be a real time-consuming headache unless you seek the help of an expert.

Do More With Your Money

Sales tax recovery can provide your business with several benefits, including:

  • account_balance

    Financial Savings

    Sales tax recovery enables you to identify and recover significant amounts of money overpaid in sales taxes, that would otherwise go unclaimed.

  • monetization_on

    Improved Cash Flow

    Sales tax recovery allows your business to get back your rightful earnings improving your cash flow and growing your budgets.

  • south_east

    Reduced Risk

    Overpaying in taxes can not only decrease your cash flow, but it can also place your business at risk of incurring fines if audited. Sales tax recovery enables businesses to remain compliant with applicable tax laws.

  • timer

    Time Savings

    Sales tax recovery is a time-consuming process and delicate process. A professional sales tax recovery service can handle this process on behalf of the business, allowing them to remain focused on their core operations.

  • credit_card

    Correct Payments

    Errors made in the sales tax recovery process is a costly mistake for businesses. An expert is required to identify and correct these errors to reduce the risk of overpayment.

Leyton has got you covered!

In this new video, our Business Development Manager, Khalil B. Amor, M. SC, goes through the processes.

Wondering How A Sales Tax Recovery Mandate Works?

Our Methodology Focuses On Simplifying, Maximizing And Securing The Recovery Of Your Sales Tax

  • 1

    Kick off – 5 to 15min

    Meet with the consultant in charge of your mandate. Showcase the data extraction process for your accounting system or ERP system.

  • 2

    Data Collection & Recovery – 30min to 1h

    Assistance from our IT team during your data extraction (if needed). Receipt of your data in a secure cloud link. Possibility to come on-site to download all data.

  • 3

    Data analysis & Opportunity of recovery – 15h to 20h

    Data analysis in our software by our expert. Evaluation of your recovery potential.

  • 4

    Invoice Analysis – 1 to 4 weeks

    Digital option: Remote invoice analysis. Paper option: Our expert will analyze your invoices in a completely autonomous way on your premises.

  • 5

    Report submission – 30min to 1h

    Presentation of a detailed report of the amounts to be recovered with explanations. Advices and recommendations from our expert.

  • 6


    100% support in case of question. Regular follow-ups by our teams until reception of your savings.

Leave No Dollar On The Table

When it comes to collecting your taxes, every detail counts. Our sales tax services support your financial department by analyzing your data thoroughly in search of finding opportunities that will contribute to improving your cash flow.

With Leyton’s sales tax services:

  1. Avoid Overpaying
  2. Recover Money
  3. Comply With Regulations
  4. Reduce Your Risk

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    Our in-house team has 20+ years of experience and can identify missed opportunities and errors that can contribute to your cashflow.

    Gary Kisiel, CPA, CA

    Head of Sales Tax Consulting Team

    Samar Chreim, CPA

    Sales Tax Consulting Manager

    Caroline Bii

    Sales Tax Consulting Manager

    What Is It Like To Work With Us?


    The Leyton team’s retroactive sales tax claim process is simple, clear, and efficient. Their expertise, professionalism, and final report was everything we expected.

    Hugo Bélanger Finance and Administration – Lactanet


    Working with the Leyton team to recover our sales taxes was excellent. They quickly understood the complexity of our business and were able to clearly explain the process. We are pleased with their efficiency and the result.

    Mariam Ganni Finance Director – Beauté Star


    Leyton’s sales tax service is really excellent, we appreciate their professionalism and expertise. Working with their team was a time saver and a real investment for our company.

    Hervé Poupard Finance Director – Quality Group


    I was pleasantly surprised at the tax recovery work performed by the Leyton consultant. The approach was conservative to not be offside with Canada Revenue Agency, but even so the amount recovered was much more than expected. The final report presented the details of the claim in a methodical and straight-forward format and was easy to understand. The audit work and counsel provided by our Leyton consultant was exemplary and professional. 

    Tyler Harrison Finance Director – In-Line Pigging Solutions


    Envirotech Office Systems engaged Leyton for a Sales Tax recovery audit and we had our refund 2 months later, I would encourage any business owner to continuously review their financial data for sales tax recovery as it is hard for any finance team to remain on top of all of the complexities at all times.

    Joanne Lytwyn President – Envirotech


    It was a pleasure to work with a professional sales tax consultant. My company is quite complex in setting up its legal entities, and she was very efficient in getting the appropriate information by asking direct and great questions.

    Guiseppe Guadagnino VP Finances – Bath Fitter

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