Sustainability by Leyton

Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of our DNA

Our ambition

Sustainable development is at the heart of Leyton’s DNA.  
Through the Sustainability by Leyton programme, we are coordinating all our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) actions by relying on the expertise of our employees in technical, energy and economic transition. 
Our group also sponsors numerous organisations and foundations, whose social, environmental and societal causes we support.

The Group’s Commitments  

In order to structure this approach, we have decided to join the UN Global Compact – one of the United Nation’s international networks – undertaking to implement 10 universal principles and to annually communicate on the progress made in each office around the world.

Leyton annually issues an accurate United Nations Global Compact Communication on Progress (COP) to highlight its key sustainable achievements.


The Pure Ocean Fund supports innovative projects which aim to build on the knowledge and preservation of fragile marine ecosystems and biodiversity. The support provided by Leyton since 2019 is helping to fund new technological, environmental and social innovations for the protection of the oceans. 

François Gouilliard

CEO and founder of the Leyton Group

In all the countries where we are based, our employees are prepared to respond to the challenges of tomorrow with both customers and organisations alike. Now more than ever, our responsibility as a business is to actively participate in the social and environmental transition by integrating these topics into our activity. To register our development, we have grand ambitions and numerous projects – those of our employees and clients in a sustainable outlook.

An international commitment – local actions

Beyond a Group ambition enabling coordinated incentive, each Leyton country acts independently and adapts to specific local features, with teams of volunteer employees implementing concrete social or environmental actions on a daily basis. 

How we act to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG#3 : Good Health and Well-being

Internally, the health and well-being of our employees is an essential element of our work culture. In Canada, we give employees access to Dialogue, a Telemedicine company providing unlimited access to virtual health care to the Canadian team. 

SDG#7 : Affordable and clean energy

In January 2020, we hosted The Sustainable Start-up Challenge, an international competition in which start-ups competed for a chance to win a stand at #CES2020. BeFC Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells stood out with an ecological paper-based fuel cell system that uses biological catalysts instead of chemical catalysts. 

SDG#5 : Gender equality

To support gender equality in our communities, Leyton Canada supports CryptoChicks - International Hub for Women Talent in Blockchain, a non-profit organization that educates thousands women and youth all over the world navigate through Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence technology. 

Solar Panels

SDG#7 : Affordable and clean energy

In Canada, we encourage the shift towards a green economy by developing expertise in clean technologies and a dedicated team to support and help finance companies in the environmental and sustainability sectors. 

SDG#3 : Good Health and Well-being

In the last few months, we have initiated several campaigns to support andthank individuals who helped support the fight against COVID-19, such as donating 1%of all fees collected by the company between April and June to the National Health Service (National Health Services, Inc) in the UK, the Pasteur Institute in France or the Spanish National ResearchCouncil(CSIC) in Spain. 

SDG#11 : Sustainable cities and communities  

Among other actions, in Morocco, our employees organized a clean beach operation, and in the UK several employees joined a tree planting operation.  

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