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    What is Property Tax & Valuation?

    Property tax can be one of your company’s biggest operating expenses. It is a tax imposed by governments on real estate properties, including land, buildings, and other improvements to the land.

    A professional appraiser or assessor will typically determine the value of the property (property valuation), influencing the amount of property tax owed.

    With the help of an expert, businesses with commercial and/or residential property(s) can file an appeal to minimize their property taxes and use their capital for growth instead of tax payments.

    Each province has different property tax appeal deadlines and requirements that are best handled by an expert.

    How Leyton Can Help

    We’re experts for a reason – our professionals analyze economic trends, keep you informed on deadlines and important news, government policies, and valuation methodologies that can affect the value of your commercial real estate, all while you focus on your business.

    Our experts assist you through the complexities of these taxes and the valuation of your commercial and/or residential real estate to ensure proper reporting, correct valuation, and avoid paying unnecessary taxes. Our innovative strategies can lead to positive effects on your balance sheet, with minimal disturbance to your business.

    Explore Our Property Tax & Valuation Services

    • Property Tax

      Optimize the management of your operating expenses by reducing your property tax burden. Our experts are here to assist.

    • Lease audit

      Managing real estate asset leasing ensures proper expenses and improves asset performance and cash flow.

    • Valuation

      Commercial real estate appraisals and consultation for accurate reporting and management of your real estate assets.

    Our Methodology Focuses On Simplifying, Optimizing And Ensuring That You Don’t Overpay On Your Taxes

    1. Introduction: Meet with our team to review your property or portfolio and discuss strategy and potential savings.
    2. Review: Our team will review assessment information and value the real estate assets to estimate potential tax-savings.
    3. Negotiation: Our expert team completes the appeal process and negotiates a reduction on your behalf
    4. Savings: We will provide a final outline of savings results and recommendations for future assessment cycles

    Great People Define Your Success

    Meet our Property Tax & Valuation Team made up of experts with over 100 years combined expertise.

    François Huot, MBA

    Strategic Director Property Tax and Valuation Consulting Services

    Deanne Cowle AACI, P.App, AMAA

    Senior Consulting Manager, Property Tax and Valutaion Services West Canada

    Dayna Griffin, Licensed Paralegal P18275

    Senior Consulting Manager, Property Tax and Valutaion Services Central Canada

    Patrice Chouaieb

    Senior Consulting Manager, Property Tax and Valutaion Services East Canada

    Property Tax, Valuation Systems & Membership Organizations
    CoStar property tax
    Law Society
    Appraisal Institute of Canada
    Alberta Assesor's Association
    Institute of Municipal Assessors

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    Property Tax

    Property tax: Optimize your operating expenses

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