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Reduce the impact of climate change by accessing the right funding

The industry is investing heavily in R&D to address the challenges of feeding a growing population while minimizing the environmental impact of farming. R&D in agriculture is essential to driving innovation and competitiveness in the industry, and Canada is home to world-class research institutions and partnerships that are pushing the boundaries of agricultural innovation.

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The agriculture industry in Canada is a critical contributor to the country’s food security, rural development, and economic growth, with over 2 million people employed. Canada is renowned for its high-quality agricultural products and is a significant exporter of food and agricultural commodities worldwide. Continued investment in technology and innovation, sustainable agricultural practices, and strong government support for the sector are important drivers of growth, particularly with the increasing impact of climate change.

Leyton helps companies in the agriculture industry claim incentives from SR&ED tax credits to Government Grants. Additionally, we offer sales tax recovery and property tax assessment and valuation services. Our services are designed to help you grow your business.

Examples of SR&ED Eligibility in Agriculture

  • Developing new crop varieties
  • High-tech agriculture (GPS and drones used to optimize crop yields, reduce waste, and minimize environmental impact)
  • Biostimulants and fertilizers.
  • Animal welfare
  • Food safety and quality

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Thanks to the consultant team for their reactivity and regular follow-up, we learned to correctly position our SR&ED projects, so that they answered the government expectations and allow us to maximize our claims.

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