How the SR&ED Claim Value is Calculated

  • By Nicole Mirabal
    • Oct 19, 2023
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SR&ED Claim

Calculating your SR&ED claim value is an important process for any business engaged in research and development (R&D) activities in Canada. This tax incentive program can provide substantial financial benefits, specially if you optimize your claim. Here’s how you can make the most of this valuable opportunity and calculate your SR&ED claim value.

Understanding SR&ED Claims

The SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) program, managed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), is designed to promote innovation by offering tax incentives for R&D efforts. However, it is important to note, that not every business will receive the same financial aid. There are specific elements that will determine how much your business is entitled to.

Calculating the SR&ED Claim Value

The process of calculating the SR&ED claim value involves several key steps, each contributing to the final claim amount. Here’s a breakdown of the calculation steps:

Step 1: Identify Eligible Expenditures for Your SR&ED Claim

Begin by identifying and classifying your eligible expenditures. These may include wages, materials, and overhead costs directly associated with your SR&ED projects.

Step 2: Identify Eligible SR&ED Projects

For your SR&ED projects to qualify, they must meet specific criteria, including advancing scientific knowledge and addressing technical uncertainties. Ensure that you clearly define and document your projects to support your SR&ED claim.

SR&ED claim value

Step 3: Identify Eligible R&D Work

Your claim value is determined by the nature of the R&D work. This can encompass experimental development, applied research, and basic research. Accurate documentation is crucial for successful claims.

Step 4: Calculate Labour Costs

Labour costs make up a significant portion of SR&ED claims. Keep meticulous records of the time and salaries of employees involved in eligible R&D activities, including the percentage of their time dedicated to SR&ED work.

Step 5: Calculate Overhead Costs

Overhead costs, such as utilities, rent, and property taxes, can be included in your SR&ED claim. Properly attribute these costs to your R&D projects, and maintain supporting documentation.

Step 6: Calculate Materials and Equipment Costs

Costs related to materials, supplies, and equipment used in R&D activities can also be part of your claim. Keep detailed records of these expenses.

Step 7: Calculate Your SR&ED Claim Amount

Your claim amount is determined based on your eligible expenditures. The specific calculation method depends on your business’s size, whether it’s a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) or a large corporation. Typically, SMEs are eligible for a federal claim rate of 35%, while large corporations can claim at a rate of 15%. You can use our free SR&ED calculator to estimate your SR&ED claim amount.

How to Receive Higher SR&ED Claims?

To unlock the full potential of this program, it’s essential to maintain accurate records and documentation throughout the process. Additionally, meticulous attention to detail and extreme accuracy will be necessary to optimize your SR&ED application. You will also need to ensure that your documentation is thorough and supported by all necessary evidence.

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