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vet pharmaceutical

Veterinary pharmacology

Veterinary pharmacology is a branch of veterinary medicine that studies the use of drugs in animals. It focuses on the study of interactions between drugs and animal organisms and the efficacy and safety of veterinary drugs. The fields covered by veterinary pharmacology include microbiology, molecular biology, serology, biochemistry, hematology, virology, histopathology, cytology and immunology. Veterinary […]
digital manufacturing

Industry 4.0: Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

The Industry 4.0 represents a blend of two industries: information technology and manufacturing. ...

Human-Machine Collaboration

Human-Machine Collaboration in IT-Enhanced Manufacturing Environments 

Human-Machine Collaboration has become an essential part of the manufacturing industry. This coll...

additive manufacturing

Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) is behind the optimization and improvement of the quality of metal ob...

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Advancements in Additive Manufacturing Techniques for Aerospace Components 

Conventional manufacturing techniques have historically played a fundamental role in the industry...

Digital twin, software, manufacturing, architecture

What is a Digital Twin? Applications, and Challenges

The concept of a digital twin is not a new topic. We live in an era where technology is progressi...

Can Artificial Intelligence achieve sentience

Can AI achieve Sentience?

In this new article, our expert explains how artificial intelligence can succeed in developing fo...

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Evolution of the robotic industry

The robotic and automation industries had brought logistics solutions to Canadian companies. Disc...


Everything you need to know about the SR&ED tax credit for the manufactur...

What is the SR&ED tax credit? The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED...


How manufacturing companies can leverage export grants for market expansion

Discover how the CanExport can provide you with suitable support.