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We are setting up transversal career development paths that focus on our employees’ skills and profiles, thus allowing all individuals to express their potential.
Your proactiveness, your achievements and your personality will all help you take advantage of internal mobility opportunities to find your ideal position.


Diversity is a precious resource, a performance lever that has been contributing to our richness and our success for over 20 years. By fully fostering the diversity of our staff, we enrich our interactions, enhance our projects and boost our achievements across the entire world.
We now employ people of more than 36 different nationalities who continually fuel our expertise.


The most important drivers of an employee’s enthusiasm are good spirits, enjoyment at work and diversity, according to our staff. A potential that we highlight through seminars, training, afterwork sessions and multiple corporate events to encourage solidarity and maintain the team spirit!

The Leyton Spirit


Our People

Leyton’s Women & Men are equipped with an agile & proactive mindset that brings precise answers to specific organizational challenges while providing long-lasting process recommendations & financial leverage. With our people as our greatest asset, we’ve internally promoted to build 90% of our leadership team and continue to capture the best talent for our clients.


Spirit of innovation

Our internal tech lab allows our experts, technical and financial consultants, to use applications and tools combining artificial intelligence, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and data management to offer our customers services and solutions that are state-of-the-art.


Sustainable development

Leyton goes beyond consultancy & financial leverage, and takes responsibility in fostering collaborative actions to build up a sustainable & responsible future.

The Leyton story as told by our talents

I’ve joined the Leyton R&D consultant group in April 2020. All colleagues were very friendly for me, so I remember my introduction as a valuable and kind time. After going through a series of training, I started working on my own projects. I recommend working at Leyton!

Bartosz Woźniak

R&D Consultant

I’ve had the pleasure of working at Leyton since 2018 as a leader of the sales support team. I’m particularly fond of the company culture of caring for their employees and customers. It is a fast paced but rewarding environment where you are given every chance to succeed and rise up the ranks in your field or even completely reinvent yourself in a new role.

Michal Kowalski

IT project manager

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