Agriculture & Agri-Food: Industries profiles

  • By Alizé Langlois
    • Aug 24, 2021
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Our Manufacturing consultants, Garance Tosi & Mathilde Minne provide a complete profile of both the Agriculture industry and Agri-food industries especially by sharing their expertise on it and how we can define them properly.

In this video, our expert will review these industries by giving you all details and information and how Agriculture and Agri-food companies can have access to funding through their R&D project.

The video has been recorded in french.

Examples of questions covered

  • How can you describe both of these industries?
  • What type of R&D project we can find under these industries?
  • How does Leyton support companies in their claiming process?
  • And more!

If you want more information about the Agriculture & Agri-food industries. and how we can help you access funding, contact one of our experts today!

About our Manufacturing Consultants, Garance Tosi & Mathilde Minne

Garance Tosi holds a master’s degree in Process Engineering. Her areas of expertise include materials & energy transformation processes, chemistry, biology, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and clean energy.

Mathilde Minne holds a degree in Biology engineering. After an academic background oriented in bioproducts and in food research and innovation, she integrates Leyton as Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) consultant.


Alizé Langlois
Alizé Langlois

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