Leyton Sailing Team joins the TR Racing offshore racing stable for a unique Vendée Globe 2024 campaign!

  • By Natalie Ong
    • Feb 16, 2023
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A few weeks ago, we announced our decision to launch a campaign for the next Vendée Globe race with our skipper Sam Goodchild. For this ambitious project we’ve chosen to join forces with TR Racing, the winning stable in the Route du Rhum 2022, and Advens, partner to skipper Thomas Ruyant and support for the Lorient-based stable since its creation.

As a result, Sam, our boat captain Robin Salmon and our new Team Manager Nicolas Doré have joined the teams of experts from TRR, who will be championing 2 winning IMOCA projects supported by Leyton and Advens.

Sam will now be sailing Thomas Ruyant’s ex LinkedOut, the winning monohull in the Transat Jacques Vabre 2021 and the Route du Rhum 2022. It’s an association, which is sure to make waves!


I am delighted to join TR Racing with the support of Advens and Leyton. It is a great satisfaction for me to work with this very experienced team on board a very fast foiler which, with Thomas, has won both the Transat Jacques Vabre and the Route du Rhum. I will benefit from a high level of expertise to learn fast and perform as early as 2023, while aiming the next Vendée Globe. It’s a sort of a daydream that will allow me to make significant steps both on technical and sport sides.”

Sam Goodchild – Leyton Sailing Team Skipper

I can’t wait ! With the arrival of Sam, TR Racing pursues its development and becomes a key player in ocean racing. We will support him such that he performs as quickly as possible on board a highly competitive boat. This unique collaboration will enrich and further enhance the skills of all our teams as well as the performance of our boats. We will rely on all of our experience accumulated these last few years, and I am convinced this group dynamic will give us the means to reach our sporting goals. Advens 2 is currently in its final phase of construction at CDK in Lorient, France, and will be the apex of a long thought and analysis process with our design team led by Antoine Koch, the firm Finot Conq, and TR Racing’s design office. The launch is scheduled for mid-March.”

Thomas RUYANT – TR Racing Skipper

“The arrival of Sam Goodchild marks a further step in the growth of TR Racing. With the support of Advens and Leyton, the team is expanding; the way we operate it evolves and is being rethought with collective intelligence placed at its heart and committed to performance, around and for Thomas and Sam. As of the start of 2023, it is 25 experts that work daily at TR Racing, sharing their know-how and expertise acquired on a large array of projects and programs, all with the same ambition, the same desire to perform and succeed. In the meantime, we have also launched the construction of our future totem building, which will house our team and our 2 IMOCA boats, and will allow us to develop an ecosystem around TR Racing, bringing together tech players devoted to the maritime industry of tomorrow.”

Thomas Gavériaux – Director of TR Racing

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