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Does your company implement new products and solutions?

All enterprises, regardless of the industry, are increasingly investing in new technologies – they are aware of the competitive advantage provided by their implementation. Development of the enterprise by introducing new solutions, machines / devices, as well as improving the quality of the products / services offered is the key to success. Costs incurred in this regard may be qualified for settlement under the research and development relief.

Examples of research and development activities:

● creating solutions that respond to individual customer requirements,
● reducing the negative impact of production processes on the environment,
● process optimizations,
● digitization through: implementation of the application / software / CRM system,
● work on streamlining processes: production / assembly / warehousing / logistics / personnel management,
● development of prototype and / or technical documentation, necessary to introduce new or improved product,
● striving to obtain products with new or improved physico-chemical properties, improved quality and strength parameters.

For our clients we:

  • Identify research and development activities and estimate the savings potential as the R&D relief,
  • Prepare technical documentation confirming the eligibility of activities and the legitimacy of using the R&D tax relief,
  • Calculate the R&D tax relief and help you settle it in the tax return,
  • Help in obtaining individual interpretations of tax law regarding R&D activities,
  • Support you in the verification proceedings in case of tax authorities’ audits,
  • Cooperation with Leyton is based only on the success fee model.

About Leyton

At Leyton we use our innovation funding expertise to deliver tax relief claims as an end-to-end service. We provide full project management from initial engagement through to benefit.

Our tax experts have a wealth of experience working with businesses to help them claim through the R&D tax credit scheme and will put together the technical report enabling you to submit your claim. Leyton worked with more than 20,000 clients last year. These companies received an average of 90,000€ in R&D tax credits.

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