The values that we share

The values ​​that we share within the Leyton group allow us to go, together, always further. This is why, we cultivate entrepreneurship, ambition, agility, simplicity, professionalism, and fun in every day worktime.


Michał Kamiński

R&D Analyst

We go through the ups and downs every day, gaining experience for the future. As a team, we gain more, which transform into our joint development. Walking through the world with a smile on our face, we strive to a better tomorrow, focusing on improving ourselves and the important values that surround us, while causing their growth and evolution.
“Joining forces is the beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success” – Henry Ford


Magdalena Iszczek

Operations Manager

Ambition, passion for action and constant undertaking of career challenges undoubtedly characterize the employees of Leyton Poland. Our company is a great place for professional growth. My career at Leyton is an example of the fact that we don’t have a “glass ceiling” – in 3 years of work I was promoted twice, and now I am in charge of the Operations department. Every day I undertake new, ambitious tasks, taking more and more responsibility for the proper functioning of a company with over 80 employees. I hope that my career at Leyton will continue to develop dynamically, and the “sky is the limit”.


Aneta Zgiep

Senior Business Development Manager

At Leyton, we understand that an evolving economic environment requires a readiness to change. Agility allows us to respond effectively to changes in the business environment, to support sufficiently our business partners. We focus on an open approach that considers the needs and individual character of each company. Agility is the key to measure the strength of a business, this is why it displays in our activities and in cooperation with the companies we support.


Piotr Florysiak

Business Development Manager

Simplicity at Leyton means in-depth understanding of the subject, focusing on what is most important and offering a suitable solution while maximizing the benefits of our customers and reducing their involvement. It is also a flat structure of our organization, which streamlines and speeds up processes, allowing us to cooperate more closely between individual teams at Leyton.


Michał Kukulski

Team Leader of Sales Support

Professionalism means intentional working, thanks to which we become better every day. As professionals, we can act productively with high quality of our deliveries and with respect for precious resources. There is no shortcut, but the daily pursuit of the set goals. At Leyton, it is a solid foundation and, as a result, it creates added value.


Radosław Ciechański

Senior R&D Consultant

What gives us pleasure in working for Leyton are situations that can enrich our career. These are inherent elements of our daily duties, such as curious and diverse projects, contact with interesting people, as well as getting to know new ideas and thoughts that will be implemented. Although, pleasure is mainly associated with rest, thanks to the variety of work in this company, you can get satisfaction from every day spent at work.

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The values ​​that we share within the group allow us to go, together, always further.

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