Access Consulting Services without Spending a Fortune: Cansulta x Leyton Partnership

  • By Antoine Giroir
    • Mar 14, 2022
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Cansulta x Leyton Partnership

What is Cansulta?

Cansulta is a website that enables businesses to connect directly with experts in minutes and take advantage of live sessions that are more affordable than hiring a big firm for expensive advice. 

Our clients are empowered to build their own team of trusted on-hand advisors who work for a fraction of the cost or time it would take with a traditional consulting firm. Plus, clients can now buy ready-to-go solutions from our shop for immediate support.

Our experienced, vetted, consultants are able to help in every business area, so clients are never alone in conquering any challenge or opportunity.

Finally, joining our community provides access to great offers, discounts, and promotions from our trusted partners, such as Leyton.

Why Did You Create Cansulta?

Building a thriving business means doing hundreds of things well, and many businesses—big and small—are not equipped to manage them all internally. We created Cansulta to ensure everyone has the support needed to optimize every aspect of their business and reach their full potential.

Our mission is to democratize consulting, making the high-value work of top-tier consultants easily and affordably accessible to businesses everywhere.

Why Did You Choose to Partner with Leyton?

Our company worked with Leyton for our own SRED Innovation Tax Credit and we were really impressed with Leyton’s expertise as they offered a very positive and smooth experience. We have worked on two large SR&ED claims in the past and it always felt like a long, complicated endeavor. But, working with Leyton made it feel like we weren’t going through the tedious, time-consuming process at all; instead we only had a few brief meetings and provided the technical and financial data, and they took care of the heavy lifting. We want all of Cansulta’s clients to have the same great experience and results that we did. 

How Does Our Partnership Benefit Clients?

Together, Cansulta and Leyton work hard to make sure businesses get the benefits of working with experts. Clients know they’re getting maximum returns because they’re working with specialized experts who know the industry inside and out. Plus, our clients can save money through a reduced preferential contingency fee.

Ready to access strategic consulting services without spending a fortune?

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