Know your grants – Episode 07: Regional Quantum Initiative

  • By Antoine Giroir
    • 22 Aug, 2022
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Regional Quantum Initiative

Discover the Regional Quantum Initiative with Leyton! In this new series of monthly videos, our consultant team will help you discover specific government grants available in Canada, and share key details that you need to know.

For this episode, our Government Grants Consultant, Antoine Giroir, will go through the Regional Quantum Initiative and explain how this program can support the commercialization and globalization of Canadian quantum products and solutions.

This video has been recorded in English.

Examples of topics covered:

  • What is the Regional Quantum Initiative
  • The components of the grants and the funding available
  • Eligibility for the program
  • And more!

Watch our expert share all details on the Regional Quantum Initiative Program

Summary of the Regional Quantum Initiative Program

The Regional Quantum Initiative is part of Canada’s National Quantum Strategy (NQS) and is designed to support the commercialization and globalization of Canadian quantum products and solutions through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev). 

The contribution offered through this program is an interest-free loan (fully repayable) that ranges from 500k up to 5 million, but applicants must secure a minimum of 50% matched funding for eligible project costs. Funding can cover over 5 years from the intake launch take but no later than December 2027. All funding is interest-free and is fully repayable starting one year after project completion. 

Eligibility for the Regional Quantum Initiative:

SMEs and startups are eligible as long as they: 

  • Is located in southern Ontario; 
  • Is incorporated at the time of application; 
  • Owns or has a license to the project’s intellectual property; or has an IP strategy. One can request support for an IP strategy in the application, as it could be an eligible project cost. 
  • Can cover 50% of eligible project costs. 

Activities Supported by the Regional Quantum Initiative

There are four core activities to the program, any project must fall under one of the following activities:

  • Technology Demonstration geared towards market diversification and growth
  • Commercialization
  • Business Development and capacity building
  • Acquiring, adapting, or adopting quantum technologies

They do not support proof of concept or feasibility, the technology readiness level must be between 6 and 9.  

If you wish to learn more information about this grant and how we can help you apply for it, contact one of our experts today!

About our Government Grant Consultant, Antoine Giroir

Antoine Giroir has a master’s in International Relations with experience in European project management and proposal writing. He has worked with researchers and entrepreneurs on various topics, from sustainable development to oncology targeting, in the European Union, the United States of America, and the People’s Republic of China. He is now helping Leyton’s clients leverage public funding (federal and provincial) to achieve their objectives while lowering the financial risks.


Headshot antoine Giroir
Antoine Giroir

Government Grants Consultant

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