Know your grants – Episode 01

  • By Fadia Awad
    • 16-11-2022
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In this new series of monthly videos, our consultant team will make you discover specific government grants available in Canada, and share key details and information you need to know.

For this first episode, our Director of Grants & Funding programs, Fadia Awad, will present the provincial Quebec program: Projet Économique d’Envergure (PEE) and will explain how this grant can help you expand your team by giving them access to training.

Examples of topics covered:

  • Outline of the PEE training grant
  • What are the main eligible criteria?
  • How can you have access?
  • And more!

If you wish more information about this grant and how we can help you apply for it; contact one of our experts today!

About our Director of Grants & Funding programs, Fadia Awad

With over 10 years of SR&ED tax credit consulting, Fadia Awad joined Leyton to support companies in taking full advantage of financial opportunities to increase their business performance. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and an MSc master’s degree in environmental and sustainable development engineering at Polytechnique Montreal.


Fadia Awad
Fadia Awad

Director of Grants & Funding programs

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