Aerospace R&D: Invest in your future projects

80% of aerospace companies invest in SR&ED, does yours?

Being a highly technical industry, the aerospace industry is committed to investing in research and development (R&D). Indeed, in 2018, the aerospace industry invested $1.4 billion in R&D. Therefore, most aerospace companies’ R&D programs focus on developing unique aircraft-related technologies. For example, this ranges from the design and production of regional business aircraft to space robotics. In order to maintain this level of leading-edge technological development, it is necessary for aerospace companies to access government funds to finance their innovation projects.

Examples of R&D Activity in Aerospace

  • Nanotechnologie
  • Cyber-sécurité
  • Technologies géomatiques
  • Intelligence artificielle

Financial solutions available for your project

Providing solutions to your biggest challenges.

SR&ED Tax credit

Obtain a deduction or credit based on income expenditures and costs associated with R&D activities.

Sales Tax Recovery

An efficient methodology which allows a fast recovery and compliance issue identification contribute to improving cash flow.

Government Grants

Funding program for small to medium-sized businesses seeking innovation opportunities.

Property Tax & Valuation

Proper analysis and valuation of your real estate assets are vital to growing your business and improving cash flow.

Let our experts help you optimize your aerospace SR&ED projects

Dorian Kartalovski – Director Innovation & Government Funding

Dorian has over 5 years of industry experience in R&D, writing technical reports for claiming tax credits & defend projects during CRA & Revenu Quebec audits. Graduated in a Master in Aeronautical Engineering and MBA from HEC Montreal.

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    David Simard – Atlas Aeronautik Manufacturing Engineer

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