Making the UK a leader in green innovation post-Brexit and Covid


4:00 PM


Our Expert Panel will be discussing:

  • The innovation ecosystem in the UK post Covid and Brexit
  • The extent to which environmental & social innovation are increasingly important drivers for growth
  • The impact Brexit is likely to have on companies’ innovation strategies
  • Perceptions of existing UK government support for innovation and this year’s HMRC consultation on the R&D Tax Credit schemes

Key topics:

  •  The importance of environmental and social innovation to remain competitive as the UK looks to build back better from Covid-19
  • 44% of UK businesses expect to cooperate more with UK companies on innovation after Brexit, and 41% expect to increase international cooperation
  • As the pandemic ends, the government must streamline and simplify the R&D framework to support green innovation; it’s currently seen as complex and time-consuming
  • With 55% of businesses considering the UK not to be innovative, the Chancellor’s review of the R&D tax relief system offers a huge opportunity to boost R&D investment among businesses
  • 85%/89% of small/ large businesses say ESI is key to remaining competitive and accelerating sustainable goals, particularly decreasing energy consumption


Clare Hammersley, Managing Director at Leyton UK

Radeep Mathew, Head of Consulting at Leyton UK

Dr Nicki Morley, Head of Behavioural Science and Innovation Expertise, Insights UK at Kantar

Marc Harrison, Founder & Director, Oxford Packaging Solutions

Andrew Hine, Executive Director, Greenspur Wind

Download the recording here.