We are always on the lookout for new ways to improve our business, and Leyton have become a key partner in this improvement. I would say that if you believe that work you are doing is in some way research-based, have a conversation with Leyton about the HMRC qualifying activities – it’s an easy win.

About the business

Enviresearch Ltd is a regulatory and risk assessment service for the global chemical industry. Their dedicated group of consultants recognise that technical excellence is just the start and their customers need flexible thinking, friendly communications and innovative solutions. They advise customers how to optimise, ensure compliance and guarantee that the claims on their label are true.


Enviresearch use R&D in their risk assessments, during the in-house testing and during the development of new software tools. It is necessary for them to test and certify licensees against products/chemicals, in addition to engaging in academic research and investing in new ideas to maintain their position at the forefront of the industry.

Benefit for the client

In terms of changing the client’s business model, the R&D tax scheme benefit has updated and improved their record keeping internally, giving them the confidence to invest more into staff and software projects. The client has now hired a number of new employees using the cash benefit. The client only spent just 2 days working on their claim with Leyton. Our consultants then reinterpreted the information to prepare it for submission to HMRC.