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Jim Semlyen, Managing Director

The benefits of claiming have impacted our entire business, not just our bottom line. Leyton’s knowledge and understanding of the sector was critical as it was challenging to relate the work that we do to R&D. Much of the work that Leyton carried out involved changing our mindset. In the past we were not aware that we were even engaging in qualifying activities at all!”

About the business

Castlegate IT is a bespoke web agency designing and developing hand-built websites and applications to support their customers’ business processes – whether backoffice or customer-facing. The business is a constantly evolving company creating unique websites to meet specific needs. Each website is bespoke and optimised to best support business performance.


Castlegate IT found that websites built with off-the-shelf templates, and “one-size-fits-all” content management plugins, simply don’t go far enough towards meeting business requirements and results in redundant code. Such websites are difficult to maintain and often not secure. R&D has helped Castlegate IT to build lean web frameworks. These significantly improve website performance: higher google ranking; faster page load times; higher conversion rates; and improved usability, accessibility, security and maintenance.


With no capital investment, the income from HMRC has provided great benefits. The company is more willing to carry out R&D. This results in higher performing, well optimised websites and success for their clients. Leyton’s experience and knowledge of the tech industry was an important factor in the success of this claim.

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