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computer science

The Dynamic Relationship between Computer Science and Robotics

While the integration of computer science and robotics promises immense benefits, it also present...

AI-powered automation

How AI-Powered Automations are Reshaping Industries

Recent studies have demonstrated that approximately 44% of organizations have a significant inter...


How do Chatbots Work?

RecallM is the groundbreaking mechanism behind chatbots designed to address the challenge of crea...

Web development

Web Development: Revisit the Basics

A website (such as the one usezd to host this article) is nothing but a file stored on a sever. S...

The future of Artificial Intelligence

As it continues to advance, AI will permeate nearly every aspect of our lives, from healthcare an...

social media data

Collecting and Analyzing Social Media Data

Social media data is available at massive volumes, and is often scattered and sometimes incomplet...

quantum computers

The Computing Paradigm: From Binary to Quantum

Information Technology (IT) in the broadest sense, has undeniably opened up a new page in indust...

dynamic spectrum

The Need for Dynamic Spectrum

The radio spectrum bands are uniquely divided into fixed number of distinct frequency channels in...

Cloud Data Monetization: Driving Revenue and Attracting Funding

What can you do with cloud data? There are several ways to monetize it.