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          Please note that the estimates provided by this SR&ED calculator are based on the information you have provided and should not be solely relied upon for making a claim for Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentives in Canada. The calculator may not fully account for all factors that could affect your eligibility for these incentives, and the information provided is of a general nature and should not be construed as legal, accounting, or tax advice. It is recommended that you seek advice from a qualified professional for specific guidance on your unique situation.

          What is SR&ED?

          The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentive encourages Canadian businesses of all sizes and all sectors to conduct Research & Development in Canada.

          With SR&ED you obtain a deduction or credit based on income expenditures and costs associated with R&D activities.

          The Federal Credit rate varies between 15 and 35% depending on the previous year’s taxable capital and if it is private/public, and Canadian controlled or not.

          Provinces may also offer a complimentary credit.

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          Do I qualify for the SR&ED tax incentive?

          • Be a for-profit company based in Canada
          • Participate in basic research
          • Participate in applied research
          • Engage in experimental development

          What are the Eligible Expenses for the SR&ED tax credit?

          • monetization_on

            Salaries paid to technical employees directly performing SR&ED activities

          • badge

            Sub-Contractors located within Canada

          • square_foot

            Materials consumed during testing

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              Assign a consultant for your project.

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              Assess eligibility & expenses for each project. Continuous communication with consultant as part of the preparation.

              Claim preparation

              Write technical reports and analyse financial data. Then your claim is send to your accountant for sbumission to the Government authorities.


              In case of an audit, our team prepares and advises you (tax and/or scientific audit).


              Track claims submitted until final payment of tax credits by requesting authorization to your company.

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              I was pleased to work with Leyton on my first SR&ED tax credit claim. Their team explains me everything on SR&ED tax credit and what activity was eligible for the government. They did really well for the application and support us during the interview with the CRA.

              Andres Pareja CEO – Thriller Innovation


              It was our first SR&ED claim and everything was great! Their team simplified the process for us by explaining everything from the beginning. They have been efficient during all of the procedure and respected our deadline.

              Emilio Audi Finance Director – IsoCanmed


              As our first experience with claiming tax credits, we were delighted with the assistance provided by the Leyton team. They were able to capture the essence of our projects and translate it perfectly. We felt that we were taken care of from the beginning and that the team was always available to answer our questions.

              Eric Mac Nicoll Co-Founder and Co-CEO – Kaira Technologies

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