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Technical writers,


Intelligent Aeronautical Design Article header

Intelligent Aeronautical Design 4.0

Aeronautical design processes are evolving to address modern issues such as fuel consumption. Learn more …

aeronautics ,aerospace ,Funding ,grants ,Innovation ,SRED

Aeronautics Luxury Tax

Soar Higher: Overcoming Financial Burdens Induced by the New Luxury Tax in the Aeronautics Industry

The Federal Government imposes a new luxury tax on aircrafts placing the health of the Canadian aeronauti…

aeronautics ,Funding ,grants ,Innovation ,SRED

Advancements in decarbonization technology

Climate change is a major concern, and the creation of new decarbonization technologies represents a prom…

Funding ,grants ,Innovation ,SRED ,Sustainability

Forest industry: the importance of R&D

The forest industry must constantly renew its products and innovate to maintain its competitiveness. Read…

forest ,Funding ,grants ,Innovation ,SRED ,wood

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In 2018, the aerospace industry invested $1,4 billion in R&D.


The BioTechnology industry is one of the premier high technology sectors in Canada.


In 2019, the chemistry industry invested $51 billion in R&D globally.


The video game industry sits at the centre of an innovation ecosystem that is driving growth in Canada’s economy.


Manufacturing industry represents more than 10% of Canada’s total GDP.


In 2019, Software Development industry outperformed the overall Canadian economy innovation growth by spending $7.5B in R&D.


Clean technologies are the key element of Canada’s evolution towards a sustainable economy.


EU Funding opportunities for collaborative projects: Focus on the EUREKA Network

Watch the replay of this webinar where our experts will present the new program, EUREKA, to finance your innovative projects in Europe.

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