A passionate public education magazine: Meet our Client Teach Magazine

  • By Nicholas Garcia
    • 16-11-2022
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In an exclusive interview with the Publisher & Editor, Wili Liberman, we discussed how Teach Magazine created a unique concept for students and teachers by using gamification.

How did it all start?

Teach magazine began almost 30 years ago by four publishing professionals who felt passionately about public education. At that time, there was a gap in the market that wasn’t served by a national magazine that had no affiliations. Teach magazine was created to specifically fill that gap

What is different about Teach Magazine?

Teach magazine is the only publication that has a practical teaching component or lesson plan embedded in every single issue. This is a hands-on, pragmatic tool that teachers can put to use right away in their classroom practice.

What is Dystopia 2153 and how is it a unique concept?

Dystopia 2153 is a digital resource developed for middle school students and teachers. It combines literacy and STE(A)M (i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math ) in one package. The core asset is an interactive graphic novel where a coding platform (graphics-based) is embedded in the narrative framework of the story.  In this way, students can read a great story and learn the core concepts of coding at the same time. To our knowledge, such a product has never been done before.

What are some other excellent Teach Magazine products that you can share?

In addition to Dystopia 2153, we have a resource developed for high school students and teachers called, Concept Of One. It too has a coding platform built into the narrative framework of the story. However, this resource is syntax-based, where students can solve puzzles by typing code in real-time.

What are you most proud of?

I am very proud of the team we have in place now. I am also very proud that we have been able to survive and even thrive in a very competitive and difficult environment. As we approach our 30th year in business, I am excited to see our progress and commend the team that we have lasted this long and managed it extremely well.

What are your future projects?

Since Dystopia 2153 and Concept Of One feature games and puzzles, a natural evolution is to move into pure gaming. Gamification is a significant trend in schools and the gaming market continues to grow significantly. It makes sense for Teach magazine to slowly evolve into this field. We anticipate our first gaming project will be underway within the coming year.

Learn more about Teach Magazine: https://teachmag.com/

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