Innovate like it’s 2025

    • Sep 29, 2020
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Between the amount of consumer trends, innovation domains, technological trends, innovative methods and governance models as well as cultural barriers, the development of entrepreneurial initiatives, it is fairly understandable to feel lost, especially if some past initiatives have failed or are struggling.

To address these challenges, our whitepaper “Innovate like it’s 2025” serves as a comprehensive guide to an effective innovation process for your business. The whitepaper highlights 7 key rules to win the innovation game. We think these rules are critical to bring your innovation to the next level, and innovate like it’s 2025.

Whether you already follow most of them or only plan to do so by 2025 is not so critical, as long as you are on the way to continuously improve and seek to innovate better, faster, and more. And as usual, your company is unique, so debate them, twist them, remove some, add others. In short, make them your rules. And rule your industry…or the one you want to disrupt.

Since its birth, the human species has been innovating

Recently though, the pace of change has accelerated, enabled by the increasing connectivity of the world and the rapid rise of R&D investment globally. An innovation that once took decades to get adopted is now taking a few years. We see this in the rapid – almost viral – spread of consumer adoption for everything from social media to smartphones.

This massive shift of trends will leave a countless number of companies in the dirt. But it does create an unprecedented wave of opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs who are determined to seize them. It’s no longer about funding some scientists in a lab, or just partnering with a sexy incubator or running an ideation workshop. Innovating in 2020-25 and beyond will be different because the times are changing.

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