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Turning great ideas into greater achievementsLeyton ICT Department aims to be a real Partner to the business in order to help the company expand and thrive. We work tightly with the different business units in the countries Leyton is present in.Our teams use advanced technology and state-of-the-art techniques to deliver a wide range of applications to support the business and act as a real innovation centre that creates and ships value for all Leyton offices and collaborators.

Digital Department Numbers

Projects a year


Developpers, Managers and Tech leads


Commits per week

1 000

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Our Teams

  • Data science and Machine Learning

    Our teams work on cutting-edge technologies to answer real-world business problems.

  • Big Data and Analytics

    Data is one of our greatest assets. Our Big Data teams work on collecting, ingesting, processing, and delivering data.

  • Web Development

    Leyton Web development teams work on different projects in several industries.

  • ERP and CRM

    Leyton has an outstanding team of Salesforce consultants that work hand in hand with our different stakeholders on a very large scale.

  • DevSecOps

    We adopt a continual improvement approach to deliver the best technologies.

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Hear from our collaborators

I can say without a doubt that the moment I joined Leyton was the most important turnaround in my career. I sincerely cherish the opportunity to be part of an amazing community and work with impressive team on exciting projects. I always find myself encouraged to learn new skills and apply that knowledge in everyday activities. I’m indeed grateful that my path led me here and very excited for what the future will bring.

Abdelhamid @Leyton since 2019

Back in 2017, I, as a younger version of me, was looking for a first opportunity to polish my educational knowledge and acquire new professional and technical skills, so I started with LEYTON as a summer intern and from day one I started facing challenges that pushed me to work harder every time and looking forward to being the best version of myself. Now, I’m confident to say that LEYTON was and will continue to be my key to sprinting to my career goals.

Yassine @Leyton since 2018

I joined leyton a month ago, and I was able to identify 6 values – Honesty, Trust, Freedom, Team Spirit, Modesty and Fun. I believe that self-improvement is a continuous process and I take up any challenges I face at work as a great career development project for myself. Leyton, an organization that cultivates an environment that allows the free sharing of information and the learning the latest technologies and freedom to explore your potential to the fullest.

Manal @Leyton since 2020

I recently joined Leyton as a Business Intelligence Consultant: Modeling data and visualizing it is what I do in a nutshell. They say that the best structures are the ones who push us to learn, evolve, and who challenge us to be the better version of ourselves. And I can safely say that since day one in Leyton, I was set into a challenging work environment, which made me thrive to learn more and get pushed to do better.

Salma @Leyton since 2020

The moment I joined Leyton I knew this is the company where I can improve my career and my skills, Leyton encourage innovation, creativity and brainstorming in an atmosphere of trust, cooperation and where new ideas and experimenting is valued, and also keeping things fun and supportive.

Ayoub @Leyton since 2020

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