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Our people are a part of everything we build.

Join Leyton, bring your experience and know-how and find out all you have to learn. Because at Leyton, you will be the engine of your evolution, and we will accompany you along the way. Leyton offers a positive and diverse working environment that leads to our employees’ success and happiness both personally and professionally. A potential that we highlight through seminars, training, after-work sessions, and multiple corporate events to encourage solidarity and maintain our team spirit!

Inclusion, diversity and gender

Include everyone

Diversity includes. Inclusion empowers. Parity makes you grow. It is by bringing everyone together that we can move forward, innovate, and give the best of ourselves together. That’s why we continue our commitment to inclusive recruitment and development opportunities, as well as equal pay.

Shared values and international environment

Move forward all together

Joining Leyton also means immersing yourself in an environment of sharing and exchange at the international level.
Shared universal values, such as meritocracy, excellence, respect, and innovation.

Life at Leyton, as seen by our people!

Halloween is a holiday that I will never forget. I had decorations all over my desk and the front desk was full of candy, and it was a wonderful change from the workspace I’m used to. I love being able to celebrate these moments with my colleagues. #TrickOrTreat

Yasmine Rizk With Leyton since 2008

Personal and professional development

Your story has only just started

Working at Leyton also means dealing with constant change, in terms of innovation but also of career paths. You will be able to deepen your knowledge in your area of expertise, take on other responsibilities in your role, or explore new opportunities. Whatever you decide, you will be the engine of your evolution, and we will accompany you along the way.

Healthy and safe working environment

Your well-being at the center

Leyton strongly believes in the need for comfort and physical well-being in the workplace. Leyton does everything in its power to guarantee its employees suitable co-working and teleworking spaces. In addition, in the fight against COVID, Leyton is committed to ensuring safe working conditions.

We are counting on you, and you can count on us.
Discover our benefits:

Feel good in your head and in your body.

Leyton guarantees access to healthcare professionals for advice, free and confidential, in person, at your fingertips.

Feel good about your whole family

Our health insurance plans may include benefits for your family, such as children’s health checks and childhood illness immunizations.

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Feel good financially.

At Leyton, we make sure that women earn as much as men for similar work. With this in mind, we have a salary grid per position. And to allow you to face the vagaries of life, you will have several financial forms.

Feel good to progress

Prepare to evolve professionally. Leyton Academy offers training, seminars and other tools to help employees understand Leyton’s culture, organization and values, as well as its role in the world. You will be able to take online courses to improve your general business and software skills. We will reimburse you for certain expenses for studies that promote your career at Leyton,.

Feel good to recharge your batteries or recover.

We have a real passion for our work. But we believe in the need to take time to refuel, relax and take care of others in the form of agreements with preferential prices.

The Leyton Spirit


Our People arrow_outwardarrow_outward

Leyton’s Women & Men are equipped with an agile & proactive mindset that brings precise answers to specific organizational challenges while providing long-lasting process recommendations & financial leverage. With our people as our greatest asset, we’ve internally promoted to build 90% of our leadership team and continue to capture the best talent for our clients.


    Spirit of innovation arrow_outwardarrow_outward

    Our internal tech lab allows our experts, technical and financial consultants, to use applications and tools combining artificial intelligence, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and data management to offer our customers services and solutions that are state-of-the-art.


      Sustainable development arrow_outwardarrow_outward

      Leyton goes beyond consultancy & financial leverage and takes responsibility for fostering collaborative actions to build up a sustainable & responsible future.