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More than 10 years of expertise in energy efficiency

Leyton supports our customers with their energy transition by providing a 360 ° service offering – utilising all the financial and auditing tools available. Our expertise in unlocking potential for energy and environmental taxation savings allows us to help businesses secure a reduction in their energy bills, in addition to strongly supporting to a more sustainable world.

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Providing tools to accelerate your environmental accreditation

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Energy efficiency allows our customers to reduce their energy consumption (electricity, gas, etc.). The Energy Efficiency Certificates scheme is one of the missions we work on in the NRJ BU. This product aims to improve the energy efficiency of our customers and to reduce consumption and energy bills. It also comes with a public aid in the form of an energy efficiency certificate.

Latifa @Leyton since 2017

Leyton is a fast growing company. When I joined in, I was given the opportunity not only to share my knowledge, but also to improve my skills. I must say that I have found the work environment soothing and friendly. Every day I get to confront new challenges and learn new things. Leyton keeps track of your skill set and expertise which help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Co-workers here are more than helpful and easy to get along with. I have always been motivated, appreciated, and encouraged by the team.

Rayhane @Leyton since 2019

As soon as I stepped foot in Leyton, it felt like home. Everybody was welcoming and interested in knowing me. Now, two years have passed, and it is still as warm as the first day.

Fatima-Zahra @Leyton since 2018

From my first days at LEYTON, I particularly appreciated the team spirit, at the same time combining friendliness and performances. Beyond the prospects for development, I see a strong commitment from the management towards the development of their employees with a very rich company life. Not only does it strengthen ties, but it also gives a feeling of belonging.

Hicham @Leyton since 2016

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