Case Study

Telecommunication industry

    • Sep 17, 2020
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Client was unsatisfied with the service offered by another firm

Our clients’ focus is on Telecommunication (specifically POS for external vendors). The company has been previously claimed for over 10 years, however, was unsatisfied with the service offered by another firm.

Claiming large amounts of SR&ED credits every year, more than 12 projects are presented, and they were looking to limit their involvement in preparing the claim. They called upon Leyton to propose a new methodology for claiming SR&ED that would not impact the quality of their reports but would reduce the involvement of their technical staff.

Understand internal process of the client

We quickly realized that their internal documentation was extensive and addressed a lot of issues, but was not understandable easily from an outside person.

We, therefore, undertook to look at their methodology for documenting their projects and showcased redundant tasks that, from an SR&ED perspective was not required.

We therefore the amount of information that needed to be collected for each project on their end, and by understanding their internal process were able to produce reports without having to talk to their technical staff. The report is then only reviewed by the Director of R&D for approval.

Claim of the SR&ED tax credit

Being flexible in our methodology allowed our client to minimize his time involved in the SR&ED process while maintaining high-quality reports.